5 Most Bizarre Beauty Products

The truth is all of us ladies want to look our best at all times. Many of us are also ready to go to depths to reach the result. This clearly means that many women end up buying beauty products that come with the most eccentric claims.

We have a list of the most bizarre and craziest of beauty products. Just go through them and laugh:

Lady Anti Monkey Butt

5 Most Bizarre Beauty Products

This can only be given to a friend who accepts it will all humor and fun! Lady Anti Monkey Butt is available in Amazon.com and it is a powder basically that is corn starch and calamine based. This powder will prevent your thighs from chafing when it gets rubbed together in extreme hot weather conditions.

Baby Foot

5 Most Bizarre Beauty Products 1

The name ends up cracking us up! Well, we better not laugh out because when we browsed through the reviews and plenty of them, we got to know this might end up being a real deal for many! If your skin has gotten sore and you want it to look just like a new born baby’s skin, then go for this product!

Pinky Queen Top Pack

5 Most Bizarre Beauty Products 2

Well okay, most of us did not even know a product such as this even existed. Apparently there are a few women who are not at all pleased with the darker shade of their nipples. And with the help of Enter Pinky Queen Top Pack your darkness will get lighter much closer to your skin tone!

Overnight Slimming Socks

5 Most Bizarre Beauty Products 4

Overnight Slimming Socks does this not sound like an amazing idea? Well, be ready to sleep in hot pink tourniquets.

Facewaver Exercise Mask

5 Most Bizarre Beauty Products 4

Ohh the Facewaver Exercise Mask will be simply an excellent idea to scare people around during Halloween! Well, when you put the mask it will help to tighten the skin around your cheeks and face region in only 5 minutes, not bad!

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