5 Shopping Tips for Casual Wear vs. Active Wear

While sweatpants and yoga vests might feel comfortable, that doesn’t mean you should wear them seven days a week! There is a big difference between dressing for the gym and everyday life. Fortunately, there are plenty of clothing options to complement a trip to the store or a workout. If you want to regularly feel comfortable, casual and stylish, here are five big shopping tips for casual wear versus active wear.

  1. Buy the Right Performance Underwear

While you wouldn’t wear performance underwear with a shirt or sweater, you should wear it under t-shirts, shorts, and vests you wear for the gym. They will provide the protection and support you need so that you can work out in comfort. For example, a rashguard can prevent a breakout of painful rashes during exercises so that you can focus 100% on a workout routine.

  1. Buy Casual Yet Stylish Dresses

When you’re not working out in the gym, you should invest in clothing that will make you feel both comfortable and confident. For example, there are many trendy plus size dresses that will complement your body shape, which is perfect for a trip to the store, a day at work, or drinks with friends. So, you won’t need to wear figure-hugging yoga pants to show off your curves!

  1. An Oversized Hoodie

If you are looking for a garment that is ideal to wear once you step outside the gym, buy a fashionable, oversized hoodie. It is loose enough that it will not cling too much to your skin after an intense workout, but stylish enough to cater to your inner fashionista. So, once a workout is done, you’ve hit the showers and grabbed your gym bag, pull over a hoodie that offers the ideal combination of sporty, comfort, and style.

  1. Buy Performance Fabric

If you are going to wear gym clothes for everyday wear, you must only buy garments that have been made from performance fabric. Doing so will prevent an outfit from becoming see-through if you bend forward. It can also prevent the appearance of cellulite, and you will not experience an unwanted muffin top. It’s the only way to wear workout clothes as casual wear. If you don’t, you could develop an unsightly look that will look the opposite of chic.

  1. Accessorize Your Gym Clothing

If you are aiming for an athleisure style that takes the gym to the street, you must start accessorizing the garments to make it appear more casual. For example, teaming an athletic hoodie or t-shirt and sweatpants with a pair of mirrored sunglasses or a leather jacket will look both sleek and sporty. So, you could look effortlessly stylish and athletic.

There are many ways you can look both stylish and sporty inside and outside of the gym while enjoying a casual look that complements your personality. So, invest in comfortable, chic dresses, buy the right performance wear and don’t be afraid to play with accessories to glam up your gym clothing.

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