5 Simple Tips on selecting comfortable and fashionable dresses for babies

 Style versus comfort has always been the debate when it comes to select dresses for babies. Though comfort is always the first choice, fashion and style can also be factored in with a little bit of thought.

We give five tips on what to consider in selecting your baby’s clothes.

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1. Laces and frills

Your baby may look great in lace and frills but remember that a baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive. Avoid all frills, laces, tassels for very small babies. You can go in for these when they are grown up (say around 18-24 months).

2. Choose the correct cloth

Your baby’s clothes should be soft, comfortable and breathable. Remember that your baby is very sensitive to heat and cold. Cloth for the dresses should preferably be of soft pure cotton which allows good ventilation. Chiffon, silk, and other artificial material may offer good fashion choices; but could end up a disaster when it comes to comfort.

3. Dress according to the weather

Babies should always be dressed according to the weather. Hot or warm weather requires soft, light cottons – smocks, vests and drawers in colorful shades are best. Warm, light and soft clothes in cold weather make your baby feel comfortable. Again use layered cotton or special soft wool for your baby’s dresses. For bigger kids, wool cardigans, pullovers and sweaters in fashionable styles can be used.

4. Never accessorize for a baby

Never impose your fashion sense on a baby. Comfort and safety comes first. Do not have dresses with fancy buttons, bobbles, or any other items which can come loose. There is a danger of the baby swallowing and choking on them.

5. Check the net for baby fashions

While keeping the comfort of your baby the first priority and thinking of basics, do not forget that there is a vast market in baby clothes out there. Search the online stores specializing in baby wear and you will find great dresses for your baby which are comfortable as well as the best in trending baby haute couture.

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