5 Sneakers To Dominate The 2014 Summer Fashion

Who said that you should always wear sandals in the summer? There are varieties of sneakers that you can wear this summer, and they’re good-looking as well.

Top quality sneakers are available everywhere, but you have to pick and choose the best model for your summer fashion style. You don’t want to miss the great opportunity to impress your friends when you hang out with them at the beach, summer camp, concerts events, and so on. So, let’s do the picking.


  1. ZX Flux from Adidas

With its unique printed colorful combination, Adidas ZX Flux is proven to be the best sneaker for this summer. There are various patterns and colors that you can choose, which will allow you to express yourself more freely throughout the summer. Suitable for those with fun and active lifestyle.

  1. Gel Lyte V from ASICS

This model has been around since earlier this year, but it still gives you a good vibe for summer. The company will release more styles and varieties this summer, so this strong sneaker is going to be a steal for you.

  1. Insta Pump Fury from Reebok

Reebok is on the street again, with its bright green sneaker called Instant Pump Fury. It has been designed with retro style, which is a unique characteristic of this brand, and it will be a great partner for you to wear in this summer’s sporting events.

  1. Roshe Run from Nike

Well, it doesn’t have all the craze when it was first released to the market. But, this summer is proven to be different for this model. Roshe Run from Nike is proven to be one of the best casual sneakers for the 2014 summer season. Do you know why? That’s because the company is releasing amazing updates for this model just for the summer of this year.

  1. Stan Smith from Adidas

It’s simple, and its comfortable. That’s the Stan Smith from Adidas. For casual wear, this sneaker is a good comfortable partner for those who want to get a little comfort and relaxing vibe for their style.

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