5 Tips For Choosing The Best Formal Shoes For Men

Choosing the best formal shoes for men may not be too difficult, as there are very little variations that you can choose. However, it’s a little bit tricky. If you can’t choose the best shoes for you to wear in the office or other formal events, you may project a bad image, since your shoes reflect your taste.

It is also true with the way you treat your shoes. If you keep it clean and shiny, people will respect you. But, if you keep it dirty and let it to wear down easily, then it will have a negative consequence for your image, which will affect the way people treat you.



Here are some tips you can follow to choose the best formal shoes for any formal event.

  1. Your shoes must match your apparel

When choosing formal shoes for formal events, you have to keep it matched with your apparel. Why? It is to keep your fashion in style and to keep yourself look respectable. For instance, with a black suit, choose black shoes.

  1. Pick shoes with sturdy soles

Sturdy soles is important to prevent yourself from slipping when you walk fast. It will add more durability to your shoes and prevent it from getting weary from everyday use.

  1. Pick black or brown color

The best colors for your formal shoes are black and brown. Why? That’s because shoes with black or brown color can match with almost any apparel that you wear.

  1. Use high quality brand

Using high quality brand is important to project elegance from your appearance and create the feeling of high-class. It is also proven to be best in quality.

  1. It should be light and comfortable

The shoes that you wear should be light and comfortable for you. You don’t want to wear it and feel itching or painful sensation on your feet because the shoes are too rough, too stuffy, and so on. It should have enough air circulation to prevent unpleasant smell.


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