5 Tips for Finding Your Most Flattering Shorts

Though most people believe that shorts are suitable for tall slim women, they can be worn by almost any woman if they are properly selected.

Many women do not wear shorts since they think that the shorts are not suitable for their body, especially if they are not slim or tall enough. However, there are many designs of shorts which are available, and any woman can pull off wearing shorts if they follow the tips for selecting the shorts.

Pleated shorts

Pleated shorts

The pleated structured shorts are most suitable for women with long slim legs so that they can show off their shapely legs. These legs will also cover the hips, and are available in a variety of prints

Pleated waist bloomer shorts

waist bloomer shorts

Though similar to pleated shorts, these shorts have additional frills which add some extra volume around the waist and hips. From a distance they look like a skirt, and are suitable for women who do not want to wear any figure hugging garment. Not recommended for women who wish to look slim

Selecting the patterns and prints

patterns and prints

Though women can choose whatever pattern they prefer for the shorts that they wear, they should take care to ensure that the prints or designs on the shorts are suitable conservative. The prints should not draw unwanted attention to certain parts of the human body, which can be embarrassing

Horizontal prints

Horizontal prints

Though elaborate prints in pastel shades may make the shorts look very pretty, especially on a light background, the wearer should be aware that horizontal prints make the person look fatter. Hence only thin women should wear horizontal prints, others should avoid them to the extent possible.

Selecting the fabrics for the shorts

fabrics for the shorts

Though satin, lace and leather shorts are highly fashionable and recommended for a night out, in summer; the shorts worn should be made from natural fabrics like cotton and linen

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