5 Tips To Pick The Best Casual Shoes For Your Style

Style is always important no matter where you go, even when you are hanging out with your friends casually, having some coffee at Starbucks, go shopping for groceries, etc. The shoes that you wear need to match with your style. That’s especially true if you are using casual shoes, since there are so many variations that you can choose from. Remember, you don’t want to look like a weirdo with your out-of-place footwear.


Here’s what you should do to pick the right shoes for your casual activity:

  1. Know where you’re at

Different occasions demand different types of shoes. You can’t wear sandals while you’re sipping coffee at Starbucks. Though practically you can do it, it won’t look good for you.

  1. Choose simple casual shoes that works every time

There are some shoes that will work for almost all occasions. You just need to see the color of the shoes. Black and brown shoes can be used for almost any apparel that you wear.

  1. Let it sync with your top

The most important thing that you have to pay attention is the matching color between your top and your shoes. To pick the right casual shoes, you have to pick shoes with the same color as your top.

  1. Hide your socks

If you must wear your socks, be sure to hide it as much as possible. You don’t want to stretch your socks and make it too apparent, as it will potentially break your overall style.

  1. Look for style and comfort

Remember, when choosing the right casual shoes for your fashion, you have to look at two things: style and comfort. It has to improve your overall appearance, but it should also be comfortable for you to wear.

Though you are going for the casual occasions, it doesn’t mean that you have to completely abandon your fashion and neglect your style.


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