5 weird facts of fashion

Most of us are aware of the fact that the Little Black Dress was designed by Coco Chanel. And after the name of Jane Birkin, the eminent Hermès named a bag! However there is a good amount of interesting fashion tidbits and you will be amazed knowing about them.

1 The first legendary cover of Anna Wintour was just a plain accident

5 weird facts of fashion


For November 1988, the American Vogue had Anna Wintour’s first issue. And surprisingly the look was quite a casual one for its time—candid smile, less make-up together with Christian Lacroix jacket which had the high-low mix that was uncommon in the newsstands during the 80’s. The Lacroix jacket was supposed to be worn as skirt suit. However, Michaela Bercu, the model, had returned from a vacation and she had gained a bit of weight, thus she ended up wearing her own jeans rather than the skirt. Well that’s where history was made!

2 Christian Louboutin was inspired by Andy Warhol for the striking red soles and not Louis XIV

5 weird facts of fashion 1

No doubt the Sun King did wear the famous red-soled shoes however Louboutin did not like the shoe which he had made. Instead he got inspired by Andy Warhol’s ‘Flowers’ and colored the shoe sole red.

Louboutin said to The New Yorker that the drawing seemed to be much more compelling than the shoe and this made him perplexed. Thankfully he watched his assistant painting her nail red and there popped an idea. He grabbed the red polish and pained the black sole red.

Activewear was invented quite recently as people would exercise naked

5 weird facts of fashion 2

Well, really, it’s no joke! If you found the meaning of the word gymnasium, you will know that in Greek it means a place to be naked or a place where you can exercise. So we hope you understand why the need for Activewear arose!

4 The very initial Fashion Week was not in New York

5 weird facts of fashion 3

Fashion followers know this order of the big four Fashion Weeks – New York, London, Milan, and then Paris. However this was never always the case. In 1998, after the European shows the fashion week was held in New York! Well, how did the sudden change happen? It was because of Helmut Lang!

In1998, when the celebrated designer moved his company to New York from Vienna, he announced to show all of his collections in September—and this was just before the time the European shows took place, instead of November, the time when traditionally New York collections walked. His lead was then followed by Calvin Klein and Donna Karan. And this is how the fourth fiddle eventually came first.

5 Yes, Platforms were originally for drama queens

5 weird facts of fashion 4

In the spring of ’12, you may have seen the rise of Flatform sandals. However, its origin leads us back to 450 BCE. During that time cork-soled and leather shoes called Cothurnus were around six inches long and were originally worn by Greek dramatic actors to add height and hold presence in the drama over comic actors.

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