6 Signs you’re in a Healthy Relationship

It is easy to form friendships, but healthy relationships that last for long are rare, hence it is important to identify and cherish the same.

While people have crushes and friendships with many, few develop into long term relationship due to a number of factors, like lack of mutual respect. Hence it is important to understand where the relationship is heading and then take steps accordingly.

6 Signs you’re in a Healthy Relationship

Six signs to identify that you are in a healthy relationship are discussed below:

Able to spend time apart

While most people in a relationship would like to spend all their time together, this is often not feasible due to professional and personal reasons. Hence it is important to be able to spend time apart, without affecting the relationship. The partners should spend time with others like friends relatives including family members

Trust each other

Since people in a relationship are likely to spend the rest of their life together they should always trust each other completely. There should be no doubting or questioning each other, which will eventually lead to a break up.

Able to handle conflict well

In every relationship, there will be some conflict such as differences of opinion and the ability to handle this conflict without hurting or offending the other person is very important. Avoiding the conflict by refusing to talk or reply, or trying to hide the issue by treating it as nonexistent, is not recommended, and does not bode well.

Effective communication

A couple in a relationship will always want to communicate with each other, inform the other person of every small detail of his or her life, day to day activities. The ability to listen without passing judgment and criticizing will help to cement the relationship, understand the thoughts and feelings very closely.

Mutual respect for each other

People in a relationship may have similar values, but will always have some differences. The ability to acknowledge and accept these differences, is part of the mutual respect for each other and helps cement the relationship in the long term. Instead of forcing the partner to change, the other partner should understand the differences and let it be..

Ability to forgive

Either partner may make mistake in a relationship, but the ability to forgive will in the long term, cement the relationship.

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