Top 6 Long Hairdos for Summer 2015

Here are 6 hair styles that are perfect for long hair. Try them out and rock the summer style

1. Easy Bedhead hairdo of Cara Delevingne

6 Super Long Hairdos for 2015

If you are still wondering as in how to get hold of those perfect bedhead look, then all you need to do is simply wake up and then slightly smoothen down the tresses with your fingers! Well that is it and it gives you much of a closer look like Miss Delevingne.

2. Tousled Waves of Dakota Johnson

6 Super Long Hairdos for 2015 1

Tousled will literally fit well or every occasion and at the same time is quite low in maintenance too! Around wand curling iron you need to very loosely drape the strands and you get the look without applying much effort!

3. Retro Half-Up and Half-Down Style of Adele

6 Super Long Hairdos for 2015 2

We saw them in 2009 and the bang puff was very much close to the London version. We loved it then and still loving it!

4. Side Part of America Ferrera

6 Super Long Hairdos for 2015 3

If you are all set for a casual day out, then this hairdo will be simply perfect for you. All you have to do is do deep side parting and simply push those tresses right behind the ear. Then you can bump both the ends with the help of a flat iron and ten provide a bit of body to your look!

5. Cute Kittenish Pony of Ariana Grande

6 Super Long Hairdos for 2015 4

If you wish to get close to this super high pony, then try to add tons of layers and give it a dramatic edge. If you have lovely long hair, then this could be super easy for you, however if you d not, there is still no need to worry! You can simply stick to clip-in extensions and they would be enough to add more volume to our tresses!

6. Beachy Waves of Jessica Biel

6 Super Long Hairdos for 2015 5

You must be knowing how much you love those curls of yours especially after you ended up sleeping more on them and they were there looking, super curly. If you wish to get those sleek curls like Jessica Biel, then try to avoid curling the ends of your hair.

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