7 funniest relationship memes

Relationships are a good blend of happiness, fights and then patch up. Here are some of the best relationship memes you will find ever.

How do you feel when your ex-lover tries to recall all the moments you both had together? Most of the times, you can hardly remember them even after trying hard.

It is that awkward moment when your girlfriend tried to kiss you in front of her parents? You don’t know how to react!


When you are with a girl she turns up in her casuals as your girlfriend. But her beautiful look comes out when you break up.

You are most welcome to a new relationship. It is all about being ‘fine’ and doing ‘whatever you want’.

The difference between the girl you saw on first date and the girl with whom you are in a relationship – it is like the difference between hell and heaven.


You will always remember the expression when your girl goes ‘off’ on you from the beginning of the relationship.

What’s the difference between dating and marriage? On dating you choose the most stylish bike for you and your girlfriend. But after marriage you look for a durable vehicle!

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