7 Trends in Wedding Dresses in 2014

The basic traditional wedding dress, read gown will not go away for a long, long time; but fashion trends will always bring in exciting changes in styling and design which makes choosing a wedding dress that much more fun.

Here are 7 trends in wedding dresses which have hit the scene in 2014.

7 Trends in Wedding Dresses in 2014

1. Laced Sleeves

Both fairy tale and real life princesses have adopted this style. Princess Grace of Monaco and Kate Middleton have made this style very popular.

The lace sleeves speak of elegance, grace and beauty.

2. Overlays/Jackets

This is a take off on sleeves for those conscious of their arms. However, you can transform into the life of the party for a First Dance in a jiffy by whipping off your jacket or overlay.

3. Short length

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. It goes for legs, too. There’s little to show in a wedding dress train; but thanks to Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman and Olivia Palermo, who dared to get married in short lengths and cuts, high hemlines are trending. Choose a short length for comfort and style.

4. Bridal Beading

You can have your choice of bling and beads on your lace and frills to mix the haute with the traditional. Pearls are trending as the bling of choice.

5. Pink/ Non-traditional colors

Gwen Stefani started it with her scarlet dip-dyed wedding dress and now pink is in. Peachy, subtle pink is what you should aim for to complement that bridal blush.

Not to say that other colors are not trending – shades of green, blue, beige and other colors also dominate the ramps in 2014.

6. Minimalist

This a no frills and frippery, no-nonsense, and purely functional style to meet the needs of the occasion. There may not be elaborate lace ensembles or trains (or maybe just a hint of it), but it’s definitely feminine.

7. Voluminous

Maybe this style made its presence felt in “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”, but it has caught the fancy of most fun-loving brides-to-be. These huge, frothy frocks in different colors have been around for a while.

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