7 weirdest restaurants all over the world

care always for having good food, chit chat with friends, or for romantic dinners. But do you know about some strangest restaurants found all over the world?

Here is a list of seven weirdest restaurants found throughout the globe.

Ice restaurant of Dubai:


Everything in this restaurant is covered up with ice. The benches, tables, chairs and also the glasses as well as plates – all are sculpted with glass. Enjoy dinner here in Dubai, which is built up on the idea of Canada ice culture.

Underwater restaurant in Maldives:


Under five Metres below the sea this underwater restaurant is another strange one with the capacity of fourteen people. In Rangalifinolhu, you can enjoy your food enjoying the panoramic view through the acrylic roof.

Toilet restaurant in Taipei:


This is Marton theme Restaurant in Taiwan with the innovative toilet theme. Tables are like bathtubs and the seats are like toilet seats here.

Yellow treehouse café:


Let your long-cherished dream of treehouse be fulfilled in this café. It is located near Auckland. But you have to hire this place for private parties.

Hard wired host:


This is the place in Bangkok where robots will serve you food. They can even dance along with serving Japanese food.

Mars restaurant:


Your wish of having dinner in the planet, Mars, will be fulfilled here in the city of New York. The recipes of awesome seafoods will make you linger for more.

Calico cat café:


In Tokyo’s Calico cat café you will be asked to select the cats first and then food. They are for your company while you enjoy your tea. The guests are watched by the stuffs so they are treated well with the cats.

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