8 funny weight loss memes

It is a common problem to put on weight more quickly than you digest them. And naturally you hate physical exercises or work out. Here are some funniest weight loss memes which will entertain you beside your fitness regime.

The 8 crazy weight loss memes

You run late

Some people have this common question if running late is enough to lose weight. Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

What is work-out?

For some people it takes too many muscles to frown and then smile comes.


Early workout

This is a common truth. You can keep awake for Friday night to go for shopping. But you fail to get up early for workout.

Funny ways to lose 200 calories

Chew a single gum for eighteen hours and you will lose weight.

Recall meme

The last product will remain in your mind when internet displays it.

Divorce weight loss

This will be helpful for you when your wife turns you out of the house. Your fault was to tell her your secret of weight loss, ‘giving a divorce’.


Brushing weight loss

If you brush your teeth with forty five sessions for two minutes each session, your calories will be burnt out within the ninety minutes.

Singing weight loss

Do you love singing? Then sing for ninety two minutes and you will lose two hundred calories. Would you like to try it?

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