9 Models Who Made It

Beauty has often been described and perceived in a fashion that does not include most. And it is in fact a high standard that is not healthy for most. But there are exceptions too and these models are the instances of celebrating beauties of all kinds.

The following pictures of these 9 models will just change the definition of beauty from the typical standard misinterpretation to proving that everyone is beautiful in their own special way.

Winnie Harlow

9 Models Who Made It 8

Winnie Harlow, formerly Chantelle Brown-Young, is a Canadian model who was diagnosed with vitiligo when she was four. And she was ridiculed throughout her childhood for her patchy skin. But she took things in her hand and faced various rejections to finally become a popular face and model.

Andrej Pejic

9 Models Who Made It 7

This transgender from Australia can model as a man and woman owing to her androgynous looks. And she modelled for both male and female assignments, even on Vogue. Finally, she had a surgery and now intends to live as a transgender woman.

Tess Holliday

9 Models Who Made It 6

Tess, an American, is a plus size model and she kickstarted her own career by starting an instagram movement to redefine beauty standards. Since then she has been a sought-after plus size model. And apart from being a successful model she is a makeup artist and an activist for body positive as well as a blogger.

Daphne Selfe

9 Models Who Made It 5

She is 83 years old and the oldest model rocking the scene without any surgeries or botox. She has grey hair but still looks beautiful at her age. She has modelled throughout her life without complaining her looks. And she is brave enough to shoot as she looks without having her images photoshopped!

Alex Minsky

9 Models Who Made It 4

His story would make a great movie, considering he was a former marine whose car blew up in 2009 in a bomb attack and injured him in several places. His jaw was broken in places and arm torn and his leg was completely blown away below the knee. To get over his loss he started exercising religiously to build a healthy physique. And this is how he landed modelling opportunities and then there was no turning back.


9 Models Who Made It 3

This 19 year old British girl has strabismus, which means she is cross eyed, but that has not stopped her from taking the modelling world by storm. She has never felt conscious about herself and has opened the door for models with deformities.

Shaun Ross

9 Models Who Made It 2

This fashion model is the first albino model in the world. Born in Bronx, Shaun had a tough childhood. His life changed when, through Facebook, he gained popularity. And now he is a professional fashion model.

Aiden Shaw

9 Models Who Made It 1

This musician, actor, author, and model has starred in movies and published work as well as his music albums. But he is famous as a model. He is a sought-after model above 40 and is an example that age cannot stop you from achieving things.

Jillian Mercado

9 Models Who Made It

She is an American model who suffers from muscular dystrophy. She is beautiful as well as brave. She decided to take a step instead of crying in self pity. And now she is a fashion editor, blogger and star of a campaign too.

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