9 Shocking Food Items of the World

They say food is a great way to start a conversation, break barriers, and forge new connections and friendships. But some countries and cultures have such bizarre and strange foods that they would definitely leave you speechless and make you squirm in discomfort. Following are 9 shocking food items from around the globe.

Fried Brain Sandwich

fried Fried Brain Sandwich

This sandwich will surely make you lose your appetite as it is made from the brain of a cow. It was popular mainly in the Central United States but its popularity has gone down ever since slaughtering cow over 30 months is illegal in the US.



2 pic

This Mexican delicacy consists of harvested ant larvae from the agave plant roots.



This dish is made of fermented basking shark and is consumed in Iceland. And many believe that its taste needs to be developed for it to enjoy it.

Bird’s Nest Soup

11 birds-nest-soup

A Chinese speciality devoured for many years, this dish is made by cooking saliva nests.

Drunken Shrimp

5 cooking-shrimp

It is another popular Chinese dish and includes shrimps that are kept in strong liquor before they are consumed live. It is also consumed in some areas of the US. The shrimps are however cooked before being eaten in the States.


6 fishy1

This dish consists of Baltic herring that is fermented and eaten mostly by the Swedish. The herring are sold in cans which often bulge owing to the fermentation of the fish and it is believed that this dish gives out the most horrible odour and is therefore generally consumed outdoors.


7  Sannakji

This dish eaten in the Eastern world consists of raw octopus that is dismembered in front of the patrons and seasoned with sesame oil and consumed as is.

Rocky Mountain Oysters

8 Rocky-Mountain-Oysters

This dish is not actually oysters but testicles of the bull calf that are peeled, flattened and fried before being eaten.

Kopi Luwak

9 pic

These coffee beans are derived from beans that are excreted by Civets, which are mammals and belong  to South East Asia.

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