9 Things Women Notice in the First Place

Who has more chances – a sloppy guy with greasy hair or a gallant man dressed up to the nines? The answer is obvious. Appearance and manners are those things women pay special attention to during the initial acquaintance. Gestures and speech are also assessed. Do you want to know what attracts/repels them in men from the very first seconds? We researched this matter and found out many interesting facts. By the way, have you ever thought about why you are still single?

Disclaimer: so many women, so many preferences. Some of them fall even for sloppy guys, but if you follow certain rules, your odds to win a woman multiple.

Face, head and everything on it

Your face is your showcase. If you look good, it means you take care of yourself. Not everyone is lucky to be born beautiful. Just think: if women fell for good looks, how many single men would wander around? You should learn to keep what you’ve got in a good state. Take care of your hair – wash it regularly and visit a barber. If you’re bearded man, trim your beard and keep it clean. If you shave, make sure you do it properly; there is no irritation and cuts. Pay attention to the health of your skin. Acne is never attractive, so use special products or consult a doctor for a professional treatment. The best of online dating is that you may correct all the problems with photo editors.



A smiling face is your key to making a good impression. If your teeth are OK, then show them. The triad of a successful acquaintance includes a confident posture, visual contact, and a smile. Mind the freshness of your breath. If it’s a problem, use different sprays and we recommend you to consult a dentist. Bad breath is really repelling.



This paragraph is about your silhouette and how well-fitting your clothes are. Women are very attentive to men’s proportions. The developed chest, broad shoulders, athletic torso – this is what attracts women. Wear those clothes that will emphasize your advantages and hide some imperfections. For example, to make your shoulders appear broader and your body slimmer, wear blazer jackets.


Is it necessary to mention that the clothes you wear should not be dirty, creased, threadbare, and so on? Women are very meticulous when it comes to clothes, their own and yours. A nice well-fitting shirt of an adequate color, sunglasses that fit the shape of your face, clean shoes or sneakers, and some accessories (watch or bracelet) will add extra points to your charm and success. Some may say that clothes don’t matter. But you’ll agree that a smartly dressed guy has more chances to start a relationship. By the way, men often look for a real Russian girl because of their style and their habit to look perfect no matter what they do and where they are.

Manners and greeting

The first thing she will hear from you is greeting. This is a very important part of your initial contact since it will set the tone for further communication. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Just stick to the traditional etiquette. Good manners are admired, but if you add a smile and eye contact, you’ll win.


No matter how hard you try to hide your hands, they will get their portion of attention anyway. Make sure you cut your nails regularly. Don’t clench your hands hiding your dirty nails – your fists make you appear unfriendly.


Women, looking for a potential partner, pay a great deal of attention to his scent. So, it’s in your interest to purchase a good perfume or at least a deodorant. Choose fresh neutral scents.


Your skin can emit a beautiful scent and your muscles can enchant women and make other men envy you, but it’s nothing if your brains and mouth produce nonsense. That’s why enrich your vocabulary, make time for self-development, control your speech. Eloquence and wittiness can win any woman.

Moves and gestures

Non-verbal communication is as important as words you say. Don’t make sharp, awkward moves, don’t point your finger at people, don’t cross your arms on chest – it’s repulsive. Mind your posture, be calm and positive, radiate confidence.

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