A Brief about women’s capri pants

Capri pants for women are the increasingly popular cropped pants which are usually worn on informal occasions as they combine style with comfort.

Conventional pants worn by women are modified to create cropped pants which can be worn on formal and informal occasions. When the cropped pants end up above the knees, they are called walker shorts, and if garment length is below the  knees the garment is called a capri pant. The capri pants are popularly worn as casual wear on informal occasions, like holidays, picnics, traveling, relaxing at home or in the garden as it combines comfort with style, and protects the legs, especially from pests like mosquitoes and other stinging insects.

A Brief about women's capri pants

Though capri pants are popular as casual wear during summer especially for holidays, they are not suitable for all women of all sizes and body shapes. For women who are small in size or have short legs, the capri pants will make them look shorter. Similarly for women with a pear shaped body, the capri pants will make them look heavier, and for women with muscular legs, the capri pants will make them look thicker. Hence capri pants are more suitable for taller women, with long legs, and should be avoided by shorter women to the extent possible.

Another consideration while selecting the capri pants is the cut of the capri pants. Ideally they should have a slim tapered cut to match the contours of the leg, to make the legs look longer and slimmer. They should end anywhere from between the calves of the legs to just above the ankles.  If the ends of the flared capri pants are flared, they could make the legs look thicker, make the wearer look shorter and should be only worn by tall women who want to visually reduce their height. Capri pants when worn with heels will make the wearer look taller and slimmer, and also make the calves and ankles look thinner.

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