A Brief History of Fashion over 1605 to 1914 AD

Different types of clothing styles have been followed in every period and men and women have worn the one that gives them pleasure. In olden times, different dresses were used by ancient people based on the materials available during their period.

Artistic material dresses were used by kings and queens to show their luxury in a greater way.

Artistic Material Dresses

Artistic Material Dresses

Baroque (1605 -1670 AD):

Cavalier is the dress that is popularly used in those times to grab the attention in their society.  It generally worn during the early period of baroque and it used only simple designs and holes in the dresses. In the 1630, people started to wear the dresses below their elbow with soft drapes.

Georgian (1670-1790 AD):

Highly decorated gowns were worn by prestigious and high-status Georgian women in order to show them in a unique way. The women of that period also used trimmed and embroidery design petticoat below the gowns. Skirts used by them supported with hoops that made up of rattan.

Regency (1790-1840 AD):

In this regency period, women avoided wearing the heavy weight embroidery dresses and they used lightweight fabrics. The fabrics will look plain and it availed in the subdued colours. Some decent ladies will wear this dress with spencers or pelisses to look in a groomed manner.

Victorian (1840-1890 AD):

In this Victorian era, women wore dresses with different shades of colours, trimmings and designs to look pleasing and beautiful. Mutton-leg sleeves, puffy sleeves, and bell sleeves were used in the dresses at the begging, mid and end of the era. Hoof skirts and bustle skirts are the skirt type used by the young ladies to achieve the ideal solution in their dressings.

Edwardian (1890-1914 AD):

At the times of Edwardian period, women dresses were typically designed with ‘S’ curves in order to cover the spine and abdomen effectively. Comfortable and practical clothing was used in the later period of Edwardian and hard collars also used in this period.

A Brief History of Fashion over 1605 to 1914 AD
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