Guide to Customize your Jeans at Home

Jeans have been around for quite a while. These popular casual chic pieces of apparel have evolved from a purely functional role, worn mostly by the working class, to the status of haute couture.

Distressed or ripped jeans have become the choice of celebrities and ‘to-die-for’ items in every wardrobe. We present you a DIY guide to customize your jeans to get that trendy ripped and rugged look.


The Line

This is a simple rip which ends up in a hole. Cut a horizontal line where you want your rip. Wash, and viola, you have your rip!

 The Screen

In this style you have lines of fabric which are left intact. Scrape (don’t cut) across the jeans in any shape you want – geometric or organic. Wash and scrub to get that great patchy look.


You don’t have to wait for a decade to make your jeans look old – just scrape along pockets, belt loops, top and bottom edges. Your jeans will look old enough to look like your grand-dad’s hand-me-downs.

The Ladder

These are rows of lines close to each other. Mark your lines with a marker pen or chalk. Wash and dry to get the frayed look.

The Gun Shot

This gives puckered holes like you have been shot. Mark X’s and T’s and cut. Wash by scrubbing the holes to get the desired effect.

The Claw

The method is just like that for the Ladder – the lines are vertical. The look is as though you’ve been clawed by an animal.

 The Zoo Rip

Mugatsu of Zoo Jeans came up with the idea of getting his jeans clawed by bears’ lions and tigers at the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi, Japan. You can try this at home with more friendly animals like dogs and cats. Let them play with your jeans – you have fun and truly customized ripped jeans to boot!

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