A famous model Dares to Go Bra less At Cannes

Toni Garrn, the gorgeous supermodel from Germany, on May 20, Wednesday took quite a daring risk. She attended the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France in a sheer jumpsuit. No doubt she looked quite confident however she did take quite a big courageous fashion step too.

We caught the beauty in her sheer jumpsuit flashing thong. Yes we are talking about Toni Garrn. And at the same time she dared to go braless too! She looked quite confident and all eyes were on her! Well no Lee and with no Bra, the model was absolutely fine!

A famous model Dares to Go Bra less At Cannes 1

The jumpsuit came with vertical black stripes and was black in color. It also had quite a deep, plunging hot V-neck. Toni Garrn, 22, wore a white thong which was quite intense and her sheer jumpsuit helps the viewers to have a look of her hot thong. To add to the glam look, she took a gold clutch.

The photographers clicked several pictures and the bright light from their camera ended up capturing every bit of her unmentionables. She was leaving the Hotel Martinez after the film festival where she was attending an after party event.

A famous model Dares to Go Bra less At Cannes 2

In 2014, Toni Garrn and actor Leonardo DiCaprio had a split after they had dated for more than a year. It did not take much time for Leo to move ahead as because soon after their break up, in one of the Miami nightclubs, The Wolf of Wall Street actor was spotted with 20 women, having quite a good time with them.

Well, we hope Toni is having a good time now and she definitely looked quite confident in the sheer jumpsuit which she had donned at the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, in France recently.

She is a supermodel and knows how to flaunt in the weirdest of clothes in the most ravishing ways.

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