A famous model flaunted bust

Katie Price, the former gorgeous model, flaunted her remarkable bust in a revealing top. She has successfully shown her impressive cleavage in her low cut top.

Quite recently Katie Price was in news for a breast reduction. However, currently at Ru Paul’s Drag Race launch, at the red carpet, she appeared to look quite busty as always. And there was no sign of her boob job reduction job noticed.

A famous model flaunted bust 1

She had donned a chequered flag-style top and seemed to be extremely pleased flashing all over her impressive cleavage. Not only this, she also did a bit of side-boob shots. And she looked quite happy together with Ru Paul on Wednesday night, helping him to pick the finest of UK drag act in London.

She also admitted that she may go for the next boob job soon in the near future. However, at the same time, she also admitted never ever to go for big boobs anymore.

She had told Now magazine that they had become a bit tiny now and she is pleased with her preset sized asset. Well, emm, Katie, however we still feel that we are looking at the very same thing as before!

A famous model flaunted bust 2

It was also revealed yesterday that at Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK Ambassador, Jonathan Ross, will be with Katie Price and will be a part of the judging team.

The chat show will be there to select the finest of drag queen. And more than hundreds of girls will be participating in this race from everywhere across Britain.

Ru Paul also stated that he was enormously thrilled and eager as the Ru Paul’s Drag Race will be coming on TV to the UK. This show is definitely an art of drag’s celebration.

This show will be amazing to watch, and it will be humorous, contemptible, uplifting stupid and viciously smart.

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