A look back at the biggest achievement of Raf Simons at Dior

With so many conjectures been made everywhere, let us step back and look at the bequest’s he’s left behind! After the declaration was made about the creative director of Dior, that Raf Simons is no more holding his position in the prestigious brand, it turned out being highly unacceptable and shocking for an armada of reasons.

Even though in Paris during the spring 2016 show insiders at LVMH were well acquainted with the news about his departure, no one else did even have the slightest of hint that this was about to come. Also at the moment, no one outside the inner circle knows the real reason as to why Simons made an abrupt decision to leave.

A look back at the biggest achievement of Raf Simons at Dior 1

Apart from the apparent quandary of the insistent fashion calendar overworking designers (which is quite obvious at Dior), there still are still a few points which can be concluded after watching the ‘Dior and I’ documentary, which had chronicled the initial few months when Simons’s had started at the house.

It seems like the Belgian designer had gotten a bit scratchy and tight due to the size and capacity that the company holds, and more keen towards logical concepts, ground-breaking technical work and also collaborations with his preferred artists than understanding from the commercial point of view.

Even though there was a rise in the sales section during his tenure, (around 60% rise since 2011), we still have to appreciate and be thankful to his unyielding (and rare) belief that fashion—which does count in couture—must at all times be wearable!

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