A New Collection of Hats by Heather Huey

What is your idea about hat shop that sells order hats? How it should look? Jazzy? Very bright? May be you are wrong. When you enter Heather Huey’s apartment, which is a very famous milliner, and is situated in Bushwick, there can be a surprise. It does not look like what you can imagine of a fashion accessory shop. This particular studio looks totally out of this world. It has wood furniture going little on dark side, its walls does show raw bricks.

The sewing machines are spread all over the place around the center table. To add to its really different look, the walls have designer’s clothes well known as architectural ‘Cage’ garments. The walls also showcase Billy Kidd’s, who is her fiancé black-and-white pictures. In front of the walls is the big, 6-feet-tall compartment that has her hat collection.

A New Collection of Hats by Heather Huey 1

Huey’s creations-her hats- are really exclusive. Her Fall14 collection is her project after previous year’s Pleated Project. This project really has something different. It includes hats made from manipulated black felt, tulle veils, feathers, chiffon-coated crystals, distorted rosettes, beads, and more. The kind of highlighting is not usual Huey way as we have always encountered her creations more focused on form than on frills. The designer said, “I love looking at old movies from the ’40s and ’50s. I’m such an admirer of the elaborate headpieces you see in them, so I thought I might as well just make my own versions and get that out of my system.” In this new collection we get to see differently decorated hats. Her Hats in new collection have lots of detailing.

Heather Huey has worked in collaboration with designers like Simon Spurr, Thakoon, Christian Siriano, and Siki Im for events like New York Fashion Week. Her designs have been photographed by Tom Munro for Vogue Italia, Steven Meisel, Miles Aldridge, and Mert & Marcus for Interview, andTerry Richardson for Purple Fashion. This list is very long. Hats off to the work done!

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