A Short Preview Of The Coming Fall 2014 Fashion Trends From Belk

Belk has been around in the fashion world for a quite long time. According to Belk fashion director, Arlene Goldstein, there will be some hot fashion trends coming for the next fall season in 2014.

Goldstein was in the Nashville Wednesday night to give on the preview of some of the coming fashion trends for this fall. Most of her ideas were drawn by observing various fashion trends across the US and Europe and combine them into one list of trend predictions that might be booming next fall. So, stay tuned to what’s coming.


Here are some lists of the fall 2014 fashion trends according to Mrs. Goldstein:

  1. Some of the color trends for the next season will be geared towards back-to-nature styles, such as gray, wine, and camel colors. This is what will be trending for the next fall, and the trend may continue through fall 2015.
  2. Some old-style pants will be trending also, such as short and long skirts with mid-calf as well as those who have ‘40s feel on it.
  3. Most of the overall fashion styles for women will be taken from men’s fashion, with a few mix and match in their style as well as some touch of femininity. Some borrowed men’s fashion styles include pinstripe, green plaid, and masculine-style satorial spin.
  4. Leather jackets and leather skirts will also be trending in the coming fall. Even leather dresses will be popular. It is predicted that this trend will continue until the next year.
  5. Last but not least, many of the fashion style for the next fall will be geared toward simplicity, style, and elegance. Apparently, people have been tired of any complex and crazy fashion style. So, they might settle for less fancy and less crazy dress in the coming season.

So, what’s your preparation for the coming fall 2014? Stay in style!

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