A Supermodel Shows Endless Legs in Brazil

Supermodel Kendall Jenner was recently spotted in Brazil. She looked effortlessly gorgeous in two tiny outfits. As always she looked quite a stunner and this natural beauty does not have to do anything in excess to standout from the crowd.

It seemed the beautiful model was reluctant to show off her white hot pants. And this is why in the evening she ended up wearing a back up outfit. However, she looked equally glamorous in all her dresses.

The striking model was in Brazil to launch the brand named Le Lis Blanc. However, it seemed she was not quite happy with the revealing outfit which she had worn. And she decided to wear a blue top and skirt. This outfit was also quite revealing but it suited her tons. The outfit helped her to flaunt her cleavage and endless legs in while she was promoting the winter clothes for Le Lis Blanc brand.

Kendall Jenner Shines effortlessly in Brazil

The brunette beauty at the start of the day went smoothly and she looked refined and beautiful in the white top, which was loose yet trendy. She also wore a hot pant, which was quite tiny along with a blazer in Sao Paulo at the Fasano Hotel.

Her hairdo looked a bit casual. She kept her hairs straight and little loose while her sandals were simple with a bit of heels.  Overall, her outfit was simply apt for a summer day out.

Kendall Jenner Shines effortlessly in Brazil 1

However later during the day, she made good use of her implausible wardrobe. Later during the evening she changed into tiny blue attire, which completely complimented her in every possible way!

In the second outfit she revealed her cleavage a bit too much in a top. She teamed this outfit with a trendy mini skirt and wore the same heels, which she had sported with the previous attire.

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