A24 will adapt Grace Coddington’s memoirs to a film soon

The breakout role for Grace Coddington in The September Issue, which is a documentary released in the year 2009, had given quite a success to Grace and made her a famous household name. The Creative Director from Vogue also wrote a very interesting and fascinating autobiography which was being considered by Sony for adapting it into a TV series or a film. However no news came after that. But Grace announced on Tuesday that her book will be soon adapted into a film by A24. The company has bought the rights of the book. A24 is the same company which backed The Bling Ring, 2013 by Sofia Coppola, and Ex Machina and Obvious Child.

Grace also said that since film business is slower than fashion industry, information on the project is not much as of now. At the time of this conversation, Coddington was busy with the hosting of the Louis Licari’s Fifth Avenue salon’s reopening. Licari, who is famous for the ambush makeovers of the Today Show by Kathy Lee and Hoda, is also the name behind Coddington, Fran Lebowitz and Sofia Coppola’s mane. Sofia Coppola along with Fran Lebowitz too spoke to Fashionista at the Louis Licari’s event about Halloween and hair of course.

A24 will adapt Grace Coddington’s memoirs to a film soon 1

Fran Lebowitz, famous for her one-liners, asked to name the most fashionable among the three of them. The topic then shifted to Marc Jacobs where Sofia Coppola was the star campaigner for his fall 2015 ads. Sofia remembered Marc Jacob by recalling his Halloween present which was a boy cop uniform. It fitted her well and was the best Halloween costume for her. The three women were huddled together in the crowd. Grace Coddington and Fran Lebowitz added that they have seen people dressing up for Halloween like them which is a very unique experience and sometimes quite disconcerting.

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