Accessories and Celebs- Accessories Make Routine Look Awesome!

We know that people talk a lot about clothes and trends! They spent huge time in just talking about attires. The dresses and skirts are compared, judged all the time. But what makes a dress look cool in real sense, may be accessories. Here are few examples by which it can actually be proved that accessories really make the attire look ‘out-of-box!’

This week celebs were seen what we call them as killer accessories that even simple dresses caught attention! Okay the definition of accessories is also widened; it may be a shoe, a cool bag or even a sporty cap! All of them add new element to the complete look! Let’s see how!

We saw Cate wearing what we can call as horrible pebble-blue colored dress which had a cleavage at the center of nowhere. But what she paired with it was awesome! She wore beautiful mahogany shoes that really made the dress look bearable! A small clutch can say really a lot about your dressing sense. We saw Julianne Hough carrying a Michael Kors clutch with same design as of her dress. It made her look complete, isn’t it?

The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences' Hollywood Costume Opening Party

We also saw Selena Gomez with mix-and-match attire. Selena accessorized her dress perfectly that finally make her outfit catchy and look good. She wore fantastic delicate strapped Louis Vuitton heels. The whole combination looked cool but shoes grabbed most of the attention!

Diane Kruger wore something really different. With her very glamorous black sheer dress she wore completely contrasting Sophia Webster shoes which were black and white in color! We can imagine a huge number of routine accessories on a black dress but this combo was really cool!

Shoes and bags are always been used as accessories.  We can count them as routine accessories but what about hats? Ciara wore a black and white asymmetrically cut short dress. The dress was not really different but what made it look different is her hat! She wore a baseball hat on the dress and made it look casual at the same time classy!

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  • Sunny Popli
    30 January 2015 at 7:28 am - Reply

    Awesome article. Most of us follows celebrities fashion. We can also follow their accessories like their footwear, purse etc. All these grab attention of lookers. I will share this article with my colleagues.