After 22 cycles America’s Next Top Model gets cancelled

The finale for the America’s Next Top Model will be aired on CW on December 4.  The reality TV show was produced by Tyra Banks. It is believed that the show will not return after its 22 cycles and will end this December. This show had made its debut on UPN, 13 years ago and later CW joined in after a merger in the year 2006. Tyra Banks officially announced it on Twitter that it will be the last season and CW confirmed it to the Fashionista. The news came when Tyra posted a statement on Instagram regarding the news. She said that she is proud of the show and also encouraged the fans to always have a love for their body.

According to latest news, CW is trying to have a retrospective special later in 2016. The network’s President Mark Pedowitz in his statement thanked both Tyra and Ken Mok, the executive producer of the show. He congratulated them on their success and on having a very popular show not just in U.S. but in the world. The show had about 40 or more international versions and was aired in about 150 countries of the world.

After 22 cycles America’s Next Top Model gets cancelled 1


The ratings of the show declined before the 19 cycle as Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel and J. Alexander left the show. The contestants from the show were able to establish a career with exceptions, like Chantelle Brown-Young and Analeigh Tipton who did extremely well and became a model and actress respectively.

The Instagram statement which Tyra Banks had posted was really long. She spoke about how the show had taught the world about beauty, poses and style. She spoke about her idea being the spark and originator of the reality show. She also said that it was time for good bye, and thanked all the fans for making it so successful.

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