Alexa Chung collaborated with ‘Vogue UK’ for its fresh docuseries

You literally come across very few ladies who carry with them a versatile perspective in the world of fashion. And Alexa Chung is the one lady who has proved her versatility in the fashion industry. She has been working very confidently and productively behind the scenes, firstly during her teens as a model and later as a designer in collaboration with high-flying brands like AG and Madewell. However we simply cannot deny the fact that she is definitely a muse to distinguished brands such as Chanel and Mulberry and a front-row beloved. And her doting friendship with designers and scenesters from all around the globe has definitely paved her way to unparallel admittance into fashion sectors’ most magnificent of events.

Regardless of this firsthand knowledge and understanding, Alexa Chung still craves to gain more knowledge about the inside workings of fashion segment. This is why to film an online docuseries she grouped up with Vogue UK where they discovered about a flotilla of industry-based themes. And themes were exhaustively sourced from the results acquired from Google search and reader submissions acquired from Facebook. And they also gained essential suggestions from the side of British Fashion Council. It was just on Thursday that the show’s teaser was released and even though ‘how to make it big in fashion’ subject looked quite much in demand, Chung will also move ahead and talk about subjects like body image, multiplicity and diversity, psychology, education and much more as the episodes gradually starts to divulge.

Alexa Chung collaborated with 'Vogue UK’ for its fresh docuseries'

What actually makes us even more keyed up about the show is the remarkable string of guests which she managed to pull in for the show that includes Paul Smith, Olivier Rousteing of Balmain and Christopher Kane. It would be quite captivating know more about Rousteing’s journey and how he made it eventually to the world of fashion after being an orphan and belonging to a mixed race, something that’s a one-off scenario in his native Paris.

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