Alexander Wang Is Leaving Balenciaga – Confirmed By Kering

It is finally official that the renowned fashion designer- Alexander Wang is leaving the house- Balenciaga. The spring collection 2016 would be the last collection of Wang for the house. This collection will be shown by Wang in October in the Paris Fashion Week.

The news about Wang’s exit from this French fashion house has been on the air since past few weeks. There were speculations, rumors for weeks about the designer’s exit from the house. And there was in fact one credible rumor just before two days before that said Alexander is all set to leave the house- Balenciaga. Finally, the news has been confirmed by Kering – the luxury group and the owner of the label-Balenciaga.


The group confirmed the news by releasing a statement that said both the French house of fashion and the designer are not going for renewal of their contract. The contract will not be renewed beyond the initial term.

Wang’s replacement has not been chosen yet however the search for the successor of Wang has already started. This news has been forecasted by the initial report of WWD on Wednesday.

Surprisingly, Wang is going to work on the label that is his namesake. And this news has been confirmed by the statement issued by Kering. The statement read that Wang will focus to take his own brand to the next level. Wang has also showed his respect towards the brand in the statement.


The designer said that he has an incredible experience working with this couture house of Paris and he is honored to get the chance for working with this historical fashion house of fashion. He thanked the brilliant team of the label for their collaboration.  Isabelle Guichot, CEO and president of Balenciaga showed their gratitude towards Wang for his contributory parts to that iconic house.

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