All New Innovative Fashion Sci-fi Lipstick

Grab the stylish range of Sci-fi lipstick and forget the traditional red, pink, and plum shade as lipstick nowadays not remain just a cosmetic product that apply shade, texture, and protection to the lips but a showbiz of your fashionable bold posture.

About Sci-fi lipstick

From ancient times, shades of lipstick revolutionize to verdant greens, icy blues, and mango-bright yellows and are more in vogue. Main constituent in a lipstick are waxes, oils, organic dyes and inorganic pigments. These colors of lipstick are due to a mixture of numerous pigment amalgams and color complementation can perceive the lipstick responsible for leaving a smudge or splotch on the lippy.

Wearing a forest green lipstick at various award functions by the celebrity is in bold trend. or blueberry-colored lips , these vibrant shades in ingenious colors are so pervasive in the fashion world where a number of brand famous for its vivid and flamboyant color lip shades .

Sci-fi lipstick1

Varieties in Sci-fi lipstick

Some of the main varieties are Sci-Fi-Delity (burnt red with gold pearl), Pleasureseeker (creamy peach), Astral (mid-tone brown with red pearl), electro (bright orange), Sunsonic (white gold) and many more.

Some points to consider

Certain course of action should be consider while going for these Sci-fi lipstick that is with bright green lipstick, it is better and wise to lessen the eye makeup, always go matchy-matchy, always blend them with lip balm to faint or burly any color (make sure you got a white and a black shade)

A lip color look give you an impression of unnatural or natural, inventive or realistic so always go with a choice of lipstick choice that should not be appalling or horrendous! It’s more of exuberance and jovial with buoyant feeling to play with wide range of colors and having a pigmented punch of shade to those who dare!

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