Alpha Sizing Becoming Common

Finding a dress of the right measure has always been a difficult task for women even with the stores catering to numerical sizes. With the latest increase in the popularity ofc, you can plan to spend a good amount of time trying out sizes all day long.

numerical sizing

Alpha sizing unlike numerical sizing means that a store has to stock only a few sizes. While this effectively translates into a profitable and economical business model for the retailers and suppliers, it puts a heavier burden on us, the consumers.

With many of the manufacturers and retailers following the path of alphabetical sizes, it is upon us to learn to make the best of the situation. Below is a short guide on the comparative numbers and alphabet sizing. If you are a number 2 to 6, the best bet for you would be to try the small or extra small sizes. Extra small is denoted by XS as you might guess and small as S. For sizes between 8 and 12 medium denoted by M is a good choice. If your size is between 12 and 16, you would be better off trying a few designs from the large aisle. Large marked by the alphabet L can be easily found for all designs. If your size is above 18, you have to look for extra large sizes. The large sizes are denoted by a number followed by X. 1X is usually size 18, 2X size 20 3X size 22.

If you are buying dresses from a retailer who stocks alpha sized dresses, know your size in advance so that you do not have to drudge up 8 sets of dresses to the trial room. For the fashionably conscious, you will certainly do well to stay away from stores that offer only sizes S, M, L. These are more likely to be tailored to fit most of the population and hence might end up not fitting any one perfectly.

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