Amal Alamuddin Was Seen In Golden Dress As She Attended Post Wedding Party

This is time for enjoying post-wedding parties! It is the most loved couple Amal-Clooney who are seen attending after marriage parties on Saturday i.e. 25th October. There is news about the grand preparations the couple did before heading to the party. An insider revealed to Us weekly that hair stylist as well as makeup artist were present at their Berkshire home to make them ready for the party around 4:30 p.m. as per the local time. Clooney and Amal left for the party at around 7:00p.m.

But what made news was Amal’s beautiful dress. She was seen wearing a glamorous golden colored dress that had all the Hollywood charm in it! The beautiful new bride wore a black colored fur trim coat as she travelled from her house o the venue. The lawyer highlighted her party look with bold red colored lipstick. She was looking very attractive with her dark hair left free! Our Hollywood hunk was also looking stylish in suit.

Amal Alamuddin Was Seen In Golden Dress As She Attended Post Wedding Party

One day before the party, on Friday evening, the love birds had arranged a party at their home. An insider revealed that Clooney’s mother-in-law was looked very happy. She said, “I can’t wait for you to meet [George], it has been such a lovely month.”

On 25th October’s evening, the couple was supposed to attend cocktail reception. The party was supposed to include dancing as well as three course meal cooked specially by Billy Reid, the hotel’s executive chef. Amal’s loved ones from Beirut and Clooney’s relatives from Buffalo had arrived for the special party! The wonderful event was hosted by Baria and Ramzi; Amal’s parents.

The couple got married on 27th September in Venice, Italy on Sept. 27. By mid-October both of them resumed their routine lives. The lawyer started working with Greek government, and Clooney went back to Vancouver, to resume filming for ‘Tomorrowland’.

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