Andreja Pejic’s Fashion Journey

Model Andreja Pejic has spoken about her unique transition from a world famous androgynous male model to a female model, after undergoing a surgery.

The world famous androgynous male model Andrej Pejic underwent a gender reassessment surgery earlier this year to become a female model and has changed his name to Andreja Pejic as she starts life afresh. The blonde haired model who was born in Bosnia and bought up in Australia, has been speaking to the press about this transition and her expectations for her career as she takes up new modeling assignments as a female model, where she is likely to face far more competition than a male model, since there are relatively few male models.

Andreja Pejic's Fashion Journey

Unlike other models like Lea T who admitted that they were transgender’s, Andreja Pejic admitted that her earlier interviews when she refused to admit that she was a transgender were not entirely truthful. Like many other models facing a similar problem, she underwent an internal struggle, but gave herself some time, because of her young age. However, at the age of 22 she decided that it was time to achieve her long time goal of becoming a girl. She did not want any obstacles to affect this transition, so she only informed her New York based modelling agency DNA just 2 weeks before the operation.

Andreja Pejic's Fashion Journey_FI

The model said that the modeling agency has been very receptive to the transition from the men’s board to the women’s board, though it probably the first time that such a transition has taken place. Now only the legal formalities for making the transformation complete have to be finalized. Speaking to, she said that her earlier name Andrej was a typical Christian Orthodox name, common among Bosnians, but was not considered to be a very masculine name. She has now decided to add ana to Andrej to make it Andreja a more feminine sounding name to suit her new gender.

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