Another Baldwin jumps into the modeling world

Alaia Baldwin, the elder sister of Hailey Baldwin and daughter of Stephen Baldwin, is all set to jump in the fashion world. She has been signed by the State Management modeling agency which itself was launched in September at the New York Fashion Week. She has got everything to make it to the modeling world.

Like other celebrity kids she has a celebrity name attached to her and a propensity to prevail on the catwalk. According to the news coming from the Asos Magazine, it is not the first time that Alaia has got a chance to work with an agency. It is believed that she has already worked before with Major Models but was not that visible or successful there like her sister Hailey who was the face of Topshop for some time.

Another Baldwin jumps into the modeling world 1

On the other hand, State Management, who has just got the start, needs to establish its name and credibility in this big fashion world and ever changing fashion industry. The agency supports and represents strong and bold personalities including both men and women who have the potential to lead and set examples for others and the personalities who can be role models for others.

It is an extremely good angle for the agency to support in a time when the social media not only looks at the models from the on-screen aspect, but also is very interested in their personal lives. Baldwin signing up with State proves that she is ready to move ahead in her career.  According to Gonzalez, Alaia is down to earth and can be related with by all generations, which are quite a quality. She can be successful as she has an edge over the Jenners and Hadids, who are currently a hit on the runway, with her bangs and dark hair.

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