Ant-Man Role Needs Evangeline Lilly’s Debuting Bob Haircut

Evangeline Lilly loves to flaunt her hair styles, no doubt. And not only Evangeline Lilly, every celeb, in fact, every woman who loves fashion, wants to style their hair in different styles. Every season or say every year has its own hair styles trend. And 2014 is also no exception with so much hairstyles reviving or entering in the fashion world. When it comes to 2014 hairstyles trend for women, bob is the current trend. You have already seen many celebs and fashionistas sporting this bob hairstyle in different events and they really carry it perfectly with different outfits. Now it is Evangeline Lilly’s turn to switch on to bob hair.

But wait, if you think this hair style is done for sake of following latest hair trend, then you are wrong a bit. This beautiful and gorgeous celeb, has done bob hair cut for her upcoming movie Ant-Man. In fact, it is the demand of her role in Ant-Man that needs her to appear in bob hair cut. More interestingly, this is the debuting bob hair cut for Evangeline Lilly. She has not done or tried this bob hair cut before. Though many celebs are showing their love for bob hair, but this actress has done it only to meet the demand of her role.

Ant-Man Role Needs Evangeline Lilly’s Debuting Bob Haircut for

Lilly has posted a beautiful snap of her new hair style via her Instagram account. The close-up shows the actress flaunting her new hair cut that is chin length. However, she retains her blunt bangs. You can say that this snap of her new hairdo is one of the mirror images of those short crops that are depicted by Wasp to be there in the comics.

The happy actress has also shared a joyful snapshot with her co-star and the Ant-Man, Paul Rudd. She captioned the snap as, “First day on set.”

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