Are You Aware Of These Fashion Hacks?

Let us get into the hack expert business now and learn about a few essential fashion hacks which probably will help us enormously in some way or the other.

You can apply these fixes and in fact you may not have even heard of these tips before, but once you know about it, it sure will make you feel happy and you certainly shall apply it sooner or later:

  • 409 can work wonderfully as a stain removal expert: Yes, even though it is regarded as a house hold cleaner, this tough stain-fighter which is usually used at home for removal of stains of grease, counter tops marks and all kinds of food items, ends up working fantastically for your clothes as well! However the point here is, to act quickly! The trick works superbly, when you accidently spill something on your clothes and this stain fighter quickly without wasting anytime. It removes lipstick marks in a jiffy!

Are You Aware Of These Fashion Hacks

  • Use baby shampoo and lukewarm water to deep clean your silk pieces: We generally, would not want to clean our precious silk clothes or items at home as this cannot be safe and may end up damaging the fabric even more! But apply this technique that is, your sink should be filled with lukewarm water and then add baby shampoo about a cap full of it. After this wash your silken items or garments with this solution, gently and briefly. Remember silk must not be exposed in water for a very long time. Hence, only a few minutes of rinsing will work out well.
  • Baby wipes helps to remove tough and infuriating stains: Imagine unintentionally white powder or a drop of foundation falls on your black dress, the thought itself is irksome, however you can now relax as we have an easy solution for you. What? You can now use baby wipe and brush it through the stained blouse or dress and it will be out in a matter of seconds! It is as easy as it sounds!

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