Ariana Grande Sported Pumps over Heels

We caught the cute little songstress recently, trading those small crop tops, her signature style miniskirts and trendy pumps. She chose to switch over to a more relaxed outfit. Well, we have to agree, she looks ravishing and oh-so-trendy in her outfit! Now it is up to you to decide which of Ariana’s style you like best—the comfy relaxed style or the gleamed up doll look?

Ariana Grande, 21, well is it you? Recently in LAX we caught the powerhouse voiced singer in different attire all together. This time her trade mark style, those trendy platform pumps and thigh-grazing hemlines, was absolutely missing. Instead, this time the beautiful and gorgeous singer completely altered her jet-setting look. She looked pretty cute and chic in her grey tee with long-sleeves, a pair of black leggings, and those unbelievably simple yet cute looking trendy pumps!

Ariana Grande Sported Pumps Over Heels

Ariana Grande’s changed Airport Outfit looks quite cute and relaxed: Suited her tons

Probably, if you take heed, it would be quit impossible and hard for you to think of Ariana wearing pumps in the past. Well, we understand it as the striking singer has quite a petite structure. However, we are glad to not catch her this time in her usual high heeled pumps. She seemed really beautiful in her comfy look! We agree the sporty look suits the lady pretty much.

This again helps you to understand, whether you are tall or short, pumps will suit you big time! If you wear it the right way, you will look sporty yet fashionable, at the same time.

We love Ariana’s twisted yet hot look. We also like the way she casually wrapped a sweatshirt around her waist, and it had added to the cuteness of her look.

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