Aritzia Is Ready With Its Social Media Campaign

Today’s world is not natural but virtual. In today’s date, if you want to launch a successful advertising campaign involving a brand you do not need huge money or a advertising model who will talk all good about the product! Nobody is paying attention to hoardings as we are always busy with our so-called smart phones. If you want to make anything famous today you need a highly creative idea, a creative concept, and close connection with social media. You also need to choose right people to represent your product. One had to simultaneously go live on many digital platforms.

Aritzia is trying something like this. This company is trying to please some self photo obsessed teenagers for its new #FallForUs advertisement. This week, it will become visible on Instagram. To begin connecting with customers, the famous Canadian retailer has started tapping more than 150 beautiful girls to show and share their most loved pieces.

Aritzia Is Ready With Its Social Media Campaign 1

Aritzia is trying to make its presence felt in the U.S. For this it is using visual content dictionary like Olapic. This Olapic has definitely added a new element to online shopping. It highlights your product in brand appropriate way and enhances communication on the site. It will surely make this fall collection a must-but as it is about to come to the shops.

Aritzia has involved people from different fields including Rachel Brosnahan, Jamie Chung. and Orange Is the New Black  star Samira Wiley, music artists like Soko and  Estelle, web bloggers like Christina Caradona  and Leandra Medine,  and many more are also there. Jamie Chung said, “I was thrilled when Aritzia asked me to be a part of its campaign. I filmed in Vancouver for years and would blow a good portion of my paycheck there on classic pieces with an edgy tweak.” Greta Lee, said “I think you can really see each woman’s individual personality come through.

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