Ashley Graham Shows Her Curves In Hot Swimsuit

The hot and beautiful plus size model Ashley Graham shows her curves in the new ad campaign of “Beach Body Ready”. With the bodacious bombshell Ashley Graham, the brand ‘Swimsuitsforall’ released their own bikini body ad. It was a response to the Protein World’s “Are you beach body ready?” campaign which was presented by a super slender model in a string bikini. That was a promotion of the weight loss products.

The brunette plus size model of 27, Ashley, has been working on her famous curves for all to see. She poses from behind for this ad which made her booty get appreciated in one of the black string bikinis. Graham was seen pulling her united top cheekily in this ad. She, being the first model with plus size, who starred in the campaign for the swim suit edition of the Sports Illustrated, smoldered over one shoulder.

Ashley Graham Shows Her Curves In Hot Swimsuit 1

The ‘Swim suits for all’ added a text with hashtag #CurvesInBikinis, to Graham’s picture, “Are you ready for this beach body?” It wasfor the fulfillment of the steaminess that has been painted in the poster. They presented the response to this campaign via Instagram which added the quote of Graham that there is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt.

The original ad of this new one, which was titled, “Are you Beach Body Ready?” by the UK based Protein World, had caused a large mass protest. It so happened when the ad was premiered, starring a slender model, just three weeks ago, for the first time on the London Subway. Recently after this ad by ‘Swimsuitsforall’ by plus size hot model Ashley Graham, the Advertising Standards Authority of UK has ordered them to remove the ad and it should be done within the next three days.

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