At The Paris Fashion Week Stella McCartney Keeps The Natural Look

Stella McCartney this time at the Paris Fashion Week preferred sticking to her relaxed roots and kept it all natural for her Spring/Summer 15 collection. The British fashion designer presented down the runway some very floaty and loose fitting pieces together with a classically muted palette. There was a flotilla of ensembles to look at from soft blue midi sleeveless dress which were adorned with matching sandals to a bit more brighter colored, colorful mini dresses being displayed, resembling the wings of a butterfly.

In most of the clothes, silk was a heavily featured material, which gave a rich and classy feel to her clothesline. In addition, the other attributes was a bit more of shimmer to the models as they walked down the runway. Denim had also taken its place in the form of long-sleeved jumpsuit and the trousers being of three-quarter-length.

The Paris Fashion Week  Stella McCartney keeps the natural look

Well, not everything looked quite suitable and comfortable enough to be worn, as a model was seen swaggering in a matching trouser and shirt which looked a lot like pajamas in its yellow, red and blue pattern. The theme was to stick to bare minimum, which is why the models was barely seen with much make up while their hair was styled into simple ponytails together with slight side parting. To accessorize, some of them wore necklaces while on the other hand some let the clothes do all the talk.

On the other hand, Sacai went to display bolder patterns displaying mixture of materials for its fresh new range. For the bold and creative designer, Daisuke Gemma, green appeared as being the much-appreciated color of the season. In addition, different shades of the tone were used extensively like the olive trench coat with no sleeves, waistcoat which was bright in color well combined with a feathery faux fur piece.

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