Banana Republic struggled with missing customers in July

Banana Republic is facing a tough time under the Marissa Webb’s creative direction as the collections are not a hit with customers which is affecting its sales overall. Everyone at the brand is hoping that her designs attract customers and her fall collections which will begin to hit stores soon appeal to the shoppers.

Her first collection which hit the stores in April did not fared well. Gap Inc. announced on Monday, the statistics which showed how Banana’s sales for the August 1 in the second quarter went down with 4 percent and a ten percent decrease in July. It increased a bit in June but that was not enough for the brand.

Banana Republic has not hit a cord with customers in July

Gap Inc. is not having a right spot these days. Banana Republic which has kind of become a namesake brand for Gap Inc. is having quite a bad sale with its ever decreasing quarterly sales as proof. Gap Inc. has also tried turning things around by undertaking new executives and handing over the leadership to new staff for design in February.

Rebecca Bay who was handling the designs at the brand too had to leave as a result of this restructuring. But these changes have not yet given any good results as a 7 percent decrease in sales of Gap for the month of July in comparison to a 2 percent negative seen the previous year.

Banana Republic has not hit a cord with customers in July 1

Gap is not at all satisfied with these results and is trying hard to keep up the sales. Old Navy, from the brand has been able to keep up the sales by having a growth of 3 percent in the second quarter as well as in the month of July. It is till date the only part of Gap which is experiencing a growth, otherwise all other labels under the brand is struggling with their ever decreasing number in sales.

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