Barbie Lagerfeld Is Up For This Autumn; Karl Lagerfeld to Be Immortalized As Barbie

Karl Lagerfeld is going to surprise his fans as a Ken doll.

It is Barbie’s turn now! Karl Lagerfeld fashioned Barbie in Chanel for its originator Mattel’s 50th anniversary way back in 2009. Now the legendary creative director is back to regale his fans once again. He is now ready to make his mark in a unique way by immortalizing himself in plastic, and that is Barbie, not as a Ken doll.

Barbie Lagerfeld Is Up For This Autumn; Karl Lagerfeld to Be Made Into A Doll 2

Barbie to Come Up In the Fall

The limited-version Barbie is set to be produced in the late half of this year as part of the creator’s Barbie Collector series. The doll will arrive well-groomed in the designer’s trademark pristine white collar shirt and sharp tailored blazer straight down to his low-tossed grey pony tail. Outfitted in black skinny jeans and black fingerless gloves, silver chains, and certainly his signature black shades were well thought-out. There is more to it. Certain accents and detailing will be derived from the designer’s eponymous line.

Culmone Extends Greetings to Fashion Designer

The global vice president of Barbie product design, Kim Culmone, mentions, “It’s not everyday that Barbie dresses like the world’s most famous fashion designer.” Culmone has proffered due respect to Lagerfeld while saying that it’s been an honour working with this incredible icon.

Earlier this year, Kaiser crafted out a smart Fendi pom-pom handbag in his own avatar. The pop culture and fashions icons are teaming up to roll out a limited edition Barbie Lagerfeld doll this autumn.

Price Not Yet Revealed

The doll is all set to be launched in autumn in Mattel by American toy giant. The price of the upcoming Barbie Lagerfeld has not been revealed yet, and speculations and curiosity are high on air.

Important to mention, last year a Japanese cartoon description of the designer was created as part of a capsule compilation for Tokidoki.

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