Be Careful Always With Killer Heels!

Everyone should accept a fact when women are good in their height, we do appreciate that. However, those who are shorter by birth would also want to protect themselves on par with these taller women. Therefore, there are various shoes and heeled sandals available for them to achieve their goal.

These high heels could be even 4 inch taller which not only provide appearance of taller but also, adds up sexy look in every woman. Those who wear these high heeled shoes or sandals would look sexier as their butt is very well projected in such a way that they have perfect structure.


However, it is very important to consider the other side of these high heels. When people are obese and if they wish to wear these high heeled shoes or sandals, due to their overweight there comes more pressure on these heels. Therefore, when walking these heels could have been broken, which would hurt them most of the times. Also, when obese people try high heels their butt are projected high which would make them even fatter. These high heeled shoes are suitable for those who are extremely slim or normal in their body weight.

There are various troubles caused by these high heeled shoes or sandals that include development of back pain in smaller ages, hammer toes, bunions, leg tendon damage, extreme unbearable knee pain, etc. Considering one of the varieties of high heeled shoes called killer heels which has the pointed heels. They are extremely dangerous and when they are broken while walking you would have serious consequences. And as more pressure is given on the toes region, those who wear these killer heels would definitely prone to hammer toes. Beware of pros and cons of every shoe variety and then do decide on your choice on the available heels.

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