Be Trendy By Going for These Weird Prints

There is simply no doubt about this that the latest Louis Vuitton spring 2015 has been talked about and the most buzz-worthy fashion event of this season!

Among the unpredictable yet pleasant surprises that we encountered during this gracious fashion event, was the inspiring ‘70s-inspired looks’ and pieces. Those memorable eyelash curlers, remarkable pepper and salt shakers, those alarmingly trendy prints and muscle cars are back on track and definitely worth absorbing into your wardrobe.

Be Trendy By Going for These Weird Prints

The graphics no doubt have been quite edgy and added a touch of fancy thus enhancing the ultra-chic silhouettes in the best possible way. These designs and fashionable yet cheeky prints are definitely inviting and offer the most fashionable look, every girl will love to adorn.

Thus, if you wish to transform the appealingly trendy Louis Vuitton spring collection into your wardrobe, then you must try these inspiring and elegant unusual prints and we got them right from the runway, especially for you:

  • Citrus

The grapefruit and lemon effect worked wonderfully and looked quite cheerful and electrifyingly playful. The classic cut is definitely an all time favorite and you can go with these prints with such a refine cut. This is the reason why, it can be confidently adorned on multiple occasions, be it a Friday feel or for a serious Monday morning meeting, it works well on practically every event and occasion!

 Be Trendy By Going for These Weird Prints 2

  • Superheroes

Wow, they no more stick to the area of toddler pajama set as they have very confidently proven to be unfussy yet go well with minimal accessories and these pants will soon be worn all around the city. They have become an instant hit, right away!

 Be Trendy By Going for These Weird Prints 1

  • Monuments

With these refine yet unusual conversation piece brings an uber cool chic look. You can even wear it under a blazer or go with the effortless long sleeve look, or better still stick to the mini skirt look, when you feel the weather is warming up.

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