Beauty Regimen of Misty Copeland

American Ballet soloist Misty Copeland is one of the best ballet dancers of recent times. We all have seen and appreciated her new commercial for the sportswear company Under Armour, and she is no doubt outstanding!

Needless to say, if you dance for eight hours every day, your body will remain flexible. Along with that, in this show-business you have to have perfect skin and hair!Misty said, “We’re always wearing a bun or some crazy hairpiece or a wig in our performances, and heavy makeup, so by the time the season ends, our skin and our hair is just a mess. When we’re done, I have a lot of hair breakage in the front. I do a deep conditioner, but it really doesn’t do much; the hair just needs to grow back. In the offseason, I try to wear it down.”

Skin Secrets by Misty Copeland 1

Keeping skin spotless is a big challenge for star dancer like her and on the top-of that she has busy schedule. She narrated step-by-step how she keeps her skin perfect, “We’re sweating nonstop in heavy makeup when we’re dancing, so when the season is over, I don’t wear much makeup”.

She has said she uses Clear Skin Matte Powder from Neutrogena, MAC ‘Peachy Keen’ and foundation, brow pencil. Misty says, “I’m all about the eyebrows! When I’m dancing in the studio, sometimes they’re all over the place.”

When asked about her skin routine, she said that she follows a simple routine. With this regimen also she has faced skin issues. Misty explains, “I’ve used Proactiv for a long time. I used to use the three-step system, but now I only use the renewing cleanser.”

For ballet dancers heavy make-up and bright lights are unavoidable. That does make Copeland’s skin go dry. She said, “My skin tends to be dry, and it gets really dehydrated from the heavy makeup during performance season. I like to use a heavier moisturizer like Olay’s active hydrating cream.”

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