Best 3 Ways to Make High Heels More Comfortable

Though heels can make a woman look taller and glamorous, they are often very painful and some ways to make high heels more comfortable are discussed.

More than any footwear, high heels can makes a woman look glamorous, by making her appear to be taller, and her legs longer, So though high heels are preferred by short and average height women, they are often extremely uncomfortable and many women cannot stand in these shoes for more than a couple of hours. In some cases, their feet start aching a lot, and the pain is unbearable, forcing them to remove the high heels. However there are a few ways a woman can make wearing high heels comfortable.

Best 3 Ways to Make High Heels More Comfortable

Using a Refrigerator: If the high heels are too small at the toes, they can be very painful as it will pinch the toes. Putting a small plastic bag of water in the high heels and freezing it will increase the space for the toes, as the high heel material will also expand and stretch due to ice volume. This will make wearing the high heels more comfortable.

Wearing Inserts: Inserts can make wearing high heels more comfortable and also make the wearer look taller. Though most women hesitate to wear these inserts, there is nothing wrong as they remain invisible to most people and cushion the feet. However, it is important to find the right insert for the shoes.

Deodorants: These are used for preventing blisters on the feet especially on the Achilles heel or other vulnerable areas of the feet, not for preventing the unpleasant odour. Allows women wearing high heels to dance for long periods of time.

Though standing or walking using high heels is uncomfortable, most women do not stand in high heels all the time, they usually take a break, sitting down. During this period, it is advisable to remove the high heels and do some quick exercises to remove the pressure on the feet and let the feet relax.

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