Best and Popular Perfume for Women

Perfume is the most essential and popular cosmetic that can be used by both gender. Perfumes are made with the composition of some essential oils and aromatic compounds. It helps the men and women to keep energetic, fresh and pleasant.

There are several brands and flavors are available for women and men and they can choose according to their taste. Here are some of the best perfumes that are used by women.

Popular Perfumes for Women

Popular Perfumes for Women


Chloe is the best and has a beautiful fragrance with floral notes. This scent is not too light or not too strong. Once it is applied, people can able to smell throughout the day with a lovely fragrance. After applying this scent, people may ask about the scent that you are wearing right now.

Guilty by Gucci:

Most of the women prefer this guilty by Gucci, which has become a new favorite for women. It has some range if scents which include germanium, peach, patchouli, amber, mandarin, lilac, and pink pepper.

Romance by Ralph Lauren:

This scent is introduced in the year 1988 and is mostly recommended for evening use. It has some wide range of fragrance notes such as fresh rose, marigold, violet, musk, oak moss and ginger. The fragrance effect is both sultry and feminine.

Jimmy Choo:

It gives the wearer with top fashion and fun and it also provides intelligent and confident attitude. This perfume is mostly used in these modern days which have a woody depths and fruity chypre that are rich and warm. When this was applied, it can provide unique fragrance.

Bvlgari by Bvlgari for women:

This woman Bvlgari by Bvlgari was introduced first in the year 1994. It has some fragrance notes such as orange blossom, jasmine and violet. Most of the women prefer this perfume as it was popular and has lovable fragrance. When they apply this scent, women have thought that they are discovering the real love.

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