Best Dresses To Be Worn On Summer Wedding Occasion

Many weddings are held in summer with its pleasant weather, so woman invited to the summer wedding to dress spend time looking for a suitable dress to wear.

Many couples choose to get married in summer, to take advantage of the pleasant weather as well as summer holidays in many parts of the world. So women who are likely to be invited to a number of weddings are always looking for the right dress to wear to these weddings as a guest, which suits their sense of style, as well as their budget.

Occasional Wedding Dresses

Occasional Wedding Dresses

While some dresses are stylish, not everyone can afford to wear them. Some of the pretty and affordable wedding dresses available are discussed below.

Miss Selfridge Floral print – Its 90s’ midi dress comes with various colors like dark blue, light blue, purple, white, an inexpensive dress costing $44 only suitable for women with a limited budget. Sleeveless dress with narrow shoulder straps

French connection Techno princess strapless dress – A navy blue dress with a belt at the waist, and pleats, expensive costing approximately $250 suitable for women who may be slightly overweight, as dark colors will flatter their figure and make them look thinner

Vivetta Jasmina Embroidered Taffeta Dress – The sky blue dress with intricate white embroidery all over the front side, with an elaborate pattern on the lower side. The sleeveless dress has ribbon type straps, and is designed to fit women of all sizes by making suitable alterations. The lower edge has elaborate embroidery.

Halston Heritage Stretch Jersey Dress – Which is a Peach colored sleeveless dress made from stretch fabric. A single piece dress with no trimming, and pleats on the lower half, and a round neck. Price $212.5

Nina Ricci floral print lace dress – Which is an expensive designer dress, can be worn repeatedly. This light pink and blue dress with floral patterns has simple cut. The conservative round neck and short sleeves make it the ideal dress for older women. Relatively expensive at $900

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